Reasons To Rebrand Your Business

Today I officially relaunched my business, Designlab, formerly known as Tweek. I have finally put Tweek to rest, and after 3 years of dormancy I have decided to relaunch but as a new brand, a specialized brand, Designlab. I removed web design from my portfolio amongst other things, mainly so I can spend all of my time focusing on what’s important: Your Brand.

Some background: I ran Tweek for 2 years fulltime, but lost focus and felt the need to step back into the job market, and now after 3 years of building experience, skill and knowledge of the trade, working with major brands like Sportsmans Warehouse, Wellness Warehouse, Ackermans, First Ascent and more, I am ready to jump right back in and help Small Businesses establish a brand that depicts everything they stand for. I am beyond excited!

Before this big change to my brand (So much so that I even changed the name) I asked myself: When do you know it is time to rebrand? When has a brand run its course and when does it need updating?

I did some research and found a couple of important reasons a business might need to rebrand and I want to share this with you today.

Companies should rebrand to give new life to outdated branding.

 It’s possible that your Comic Sans font or 1990’s colour palette is dragging your brand down and making your business look outdated. What are you going to do? The answer is rebrand, something even the most successful businesses do, look at Woolworths, Edgars, Pic ‘n Pay, and even Airbnb:

Smart companies rebrand because they know that good design can make or break a business, because they know they’ve outgrown their original mission. Maybe your business started off selling vellies, but now you want to add leather handbags. If your branding revolves around vellies, customers won’t know that they can look to you for handbags, too.

It all comes down to asking yourself: To rebrand or not to rebrand.

Companies should rebrand when their business evolves

Sometimes, a business gets the opportunity to expand or target a new market. When that happens, it’s important to ensure that your new customers and prospects can connect with your brand. 

Think of the old McDonalds vs. the new. In the past it was extremely child-orientated, with big play areas, bright colours, a clown and a lot of toys. But since other companies like Mr D and UberEats launched they slowly rebranded to target a slightly older market, like Millennials and Gen Z.

Companies should rebrand to outgrow their poor reputation.

Uber’s recent brand overhaul was necessary to break ties with its bad reputation and visibly demonstrate a commitment to a new, improved culture. If your business is struggling to overcome a negative reputation, a rebrand can help consumers see you in a fresh new light.

Your company’s own brand is the sum total of the experiences your customers and prospects have with your company. A good brand communicates what your company does and how it does it. A good brand also establishes trust and credibility with your customers and potential customers. And because a brand evolves over time, many companies, including some of the most successful ones, rebrand.

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