Set goals, and crush’em

Here’s how.

What am I talking about?

I recently started reading The Secret (I also saw they’re releasing a movie about it soon, I can’t wait!). I’m not very far into the book, but the concept is very basic. Essentially you determine and envision the life you want or goals you want to achieve in life. But every single detail of it. Then you truly believe that you will reach them, no matter how insane they might seem. You speak life into them and project all of your positive energy into those goals and it will happen.

Seems insane right? Just hear me out.

If you’re religious this concept might not seem too hard, the Bible often refers to speaking life into things and having faith. The concept is the same.

The Secret is simply the “law of attraction.” Essentially, the law of attraction states that whatever consumes your thoughts is what you will eventually get in life. So, if you think of all the things you don’t want in your life, you’ll only get the things you don’t want. By contrast, if you only envision the things you want in your life, then you will get everything you want in life.

Back Story

At the end of last year my life was flipped upside down, a lot had happen, and I essentially had to start from scratch again. I felt defeated, like all the progress I had made since leaving university was lost, and I had to start all over again. But then, while visiting my parents, they told me about The Secret and the concept of it. They basically forced me to set my goals for 2020 and focus all of my energy on it, and no mater how unrealistic it might have seemed I would reach it before year-end if I truly believed that I could.

So I made a list, some things small, some things big.

And even though this year’s been really tough, my goals have been falling in place like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t explain how it happened, it’s just happening.

To give you an idea, some of my goals are/were (not listing all of them – it’s something that’s meant to be for just you)

  • Learn to kitesurf
  • Buy my dream car
  • Move to Constantia
  • Learn to play golf
  • Financial Prosperity
  • Host my own art exhibition
  • Buy my own property again
  • Take a kiting trip overseas

Your list needs to be really specific (the above is just an overview). For example, if your goal is to host your own art exhibition you need to detail it so you can envision it better, for example: “I want to host it at a Golf Club for 80 – 100 high-end guests, where bubbly & tapas are served, and soft Jazz is playing. I want to have at least 30 exclusive pieces at the exhibition.” Be specific, paint that picture in your mind and write it down. And then live it.

Or if you want financial prosperity: “I’m currently generating X amount if income, by the end of the year I want to generate Y amount, which is double/tripple from my current income, by doing the following things… and spending my time on….”

So where do you start?

I can’t explain how all these things fell into place, but most of them have been ticked off within 3 months, some of them being really big, and some of them simply demanding some effort and time. And I can honestly say that a big part of it was purely mindset (and in my case prayer). I know I will smash the rest of them within my time frame, no doubt. I don’t know how, but it will happen.

Whenever I saw the car I wanted I would say out loud: “I’m going to own one like you before the end of this year” or whenever I saw someone doing insane things with their kite I say “I’ll be able to do that by the end of this year”

It sounds weird, I won’t lie. Like I’m channeling my inner zen or whatever. But I really believe that it is impacting my life. Whether it is faith, merely me influencing myself to reach my goals, or some energy in this world working in my favour, it doesn’t matter. Because it is working.

The steps

So to reitierate, the simples steps are:

  1. Envision what you want
  2. Write them down in detail
  3. Speak it, believe it, live it (so hippy dippy, but so important!) – it’s called the law of attraction for a reason! Attract it!
  4. Work towards it
  5. Reap the benefits

I feel weird writing about it, because it seems like such a weird concept, but I honestly can’t explain what it has done in my life. And there’s no harm in applying it to your own life, if anything it will at least just excite you about your goals and make you more aware of them.

Doubting yourself is normal, but letting it stop you is a choice.

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