Me at 27.

Every year I write a short piece on where I am in my life at the time of my birthday. So I can look back and reflect on my growth and the areas that still needs growth. So, this is me, at 27.


It’s 2020. I’m 27.

A lot has changed. I am more independent than ever. More ambitious than ever.

I have the closest relationship with my parents I’ve ever had. And with God.

I’ve lost. But I’ve grown.

I go to bed late, and get up early. I’m exercising more. Eating better.

Current reads:

  • My Bible
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • The Plant Paradox

I’ve taken up kitesurfing and surfing. I want to learn to play Golf this year. And tennis.

I’m planning a surfing trip to Mauritius with friends.

I’m really struggling with my skin.

Here are some of my favourite pictures I’ve taken:

I am still loved, I still love. I am growing and slowly learning to love myself more.

I’m a little broken but pushing forward. Trying to be more vulnerable and open to this world. Sometimes I’m content, sometimes I wish I could do it all over. But I’m grateful. For the lessons learned, opportunities created, and moments I’ve had with loved ones.

This is me at 27.

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