2020 Vision

A new year has kicked off and as I’ve gotten older the novelty of the newness of a year has worn off. But nonetheless I subconsciously make new years resolutions of ways I will attempt to improve myself this year, just as I seem to have done every year before. 

Blaming the previous 365 days for the mistakes and hardships as if I somehow didn’t have a role to play in the events that took place.

Each year I say “This year will be…” or “This year I’m going to…”

It might be because my 30’s are creeping closer or because I had some serious reality checks the past few years, but I can no longer blame it on having a tough year. 

The only resolution I have this year is to be accountable for every single event, thought, circumstance and feeling I find myself in or having.

Every single decision you have ever made has led you to this very moment. You’re the reason for your success, you’re the reason for your failures, and it’s up to you to choose the path you will take this new year. 

Embrace yourself, and have 2020 vision, may I so cliché-ly state.

To change anything on the outside you need to make change on the inside. Whatever it is you’re looking for this year, it lies within yourself. 

May you be good to yourself this year, making progressive decisions in your career, life and mind. Build relationships with the important people, know when to walk away from something or someone, and always ask yourself “How is this serving me?” 

Have courage and always be kind. 

A blessed 2020 to all, let the roaring 20’s begin. 

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