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This is the how the world works these days. We have access to so much information and to each other that we rarely try new things without someone referring it to us. So I want to share a couple of my favourite things that I love – some of them I discovered recently and some of them have been trusty items, places or experiences I’ve loved for many moons.

Blistex Lip Conditioning Treatment

My husband used it back in school when he had serious issues with dry lips, and he told me about it. I’ve used it ever since and it’s amazing, It’s the only lip treatment that feels like it gets absorbed. Available at Dischem and Clicks and it’s around R80.


Remex Mexican Restaurant

It’s a place that can go unnoticed if you walk past it in Parklands at some Spar centre, and honestly it looks a bit dodge, but wow. The food is so worth it, especially the Creamy Chicken Chimichanga. They’re affordable, they have jugs of frozen margaritas, and the experience the staff gives you makes it all worth while the visit. It’s quite popular and it has reputation that it definitely lives up to.


The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

I never read fiction, it feels like a waste of time, I’d rather spend my time reading self-help books. Until my cousin’s boyfriend told me about The Alchemist. It was such a pleasant reading experience. It reads quick and easy, and it has a lovely lesson within the story, making it all the more worthwhile. Apparently his other books are just as good, especially 11 Minutes, but I am yet to read it. Available on Takealot.


Plakkie Flip Flops

Yes, yes, we all have a pair of Havianas, and I swore by it. Until I received my Plakkie Flip Flops. They are unbelievably durable, yet comfortable, and they don’t make a foot in-print after wearing them for a while. The best part is that it is a local brand, and they have some great custom designs and funky colours to choose from. They’re available on Takealot and only costs R250.00

Besides, the word “Plakkie” is so lekker to say, so that’s already a win for me.


22seven the App

If you spend your money without checking where it goes and before you know it your bank balance has the same affect as slicing onions, then you’re like me. And then you need this app. It links with your banking app and tracks your spending, You can allocate fund to categories and it will notify you as you spend how much you have left within that category. A lifesaver for spenders like myself. Available on iOS and Android.

LOOK Hair design

For all the Cape Town based ladies. I used to go the talented The Red Chair in Langebaan, but since we moved to Cape Town it’s been a challenge to drive back and forth (Won’t lie – she makes it worth the drive). But after extensive research and a lot of nerves I gave Look Hair Design a try in town. And WOW. Not a lot of hairstylists can do the blonde colour that I am looking for and they absolutely nailed it from the beginning. On top of that they are extremely friendly, gave me amazing tips and their product offering is great. And of course, the million dollar touchpoint, they are super affordable for what you get in return. To colour, tone, treat, cut, blow and style my hair was R2000. (Another salon quoted me R4000 to give you an indication).


Midea Pressure Cooker

What an awesome brand. We took a risk the first time we bought the brand, not knowing what to expect, But they’re great. We have since bought an air-fryer from them too. Over and above the amazing brand, a pressure cooker is the best investment you can make if you’re not too fond of spending hours in the kitchen (like me!). It’s easy to use, and there’s a gazillion recipes online for stuff you can cook in the hotpot. A must have (take note bachelors! You will love it too!) It’s available on Yuppiechef and Takealot.


Thing I love, and would confidently recommend, there you have it.

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