Affirmations, for those bad days

We’ve all been there. So here are a couple of affirmations to pull you through that moment of darkness, and into the light. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

  1. I love myself enough to push through
  2. I will face hard times with courage
  3. I can reach any goal
  4. I am confident in my abilities
  5. The sun will rise again
  6. I am in charge of how I feel
  7. I can and I will fight through my bad days to get to my best days
  8. My heart is open to new blessings and new opportunities.
  9. I deserve happiness
  10. I’ve got this
  11. I trust the process
  12. I am rich in relationships, wealth and love
  13. Today is going to be my best day
  14. My dreams are happening now
  15. I have amazing determination
  16. I know how to keep going
  17. I am ready to accept my dreams as reality
  18. The world needs the talents, skills and blessings I have to offer
  19. I only attract the best situations
  20. I am grateful for the success and experience this life has given me so far, and I am excited about my future

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