Isn’t adulting just one big rollercoaster? Or is it just me struggling to keep it all together?

Sat outside yesterday and I thought:

So this is your life.

You are going to be both moved and confused by it. You are going to experience things that will inspire you, and things that you will never quite come to terms with.

You are going to love people that you will sometimes lose, but you will also find those who stay. Appreciate those people, let them know what they mean to you.

You are going to laugh until you cry, you are going to ache – ache in ways you never thought was possible. You are going to be exhausted by the chaos of it all and ignited by the beauty, so be aware of the beauty.

You are going to be hurt, and you are going to hurt. Sometimes you will be the bad person. Sometimes you will be the one that makes the mistake. Sometimes you will have to give yourself your own closure. Sometimes you will have to let go. Sometimes you will have to find comfort in being alone, in being lost.

This is your life, and though it can be unpredictable, and messy, and painful, even though it can break you down – you are going to survive it. You will always survive it.

Thinking of my dear friend who lost her dad 1 year ago today. This is dedicated to you.

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