Weekly Challenges

It’s August!

2020 isn’t creeping closer, it’s speeding in our direction with no intention of slowing down.

“We prefer things to stay the same by doing nothing. This is called status quo bias.”

everydayesti weekly challenges

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone, change a habit and learn something new. Perhaps you can tick a few of those 2019 new years resolutions off before year end!

  • Bring your lunch week
  • No phone 1 hour before bed week
  • Read 10 minutes a day week
  • No sugar week
  • No TV week
  • Sleep by 10 PM week
  • Track your spend week
  • Take a 15 minute walk a day week
  • Eat away from your desk week
  • Cash only week
  • Have breakfast every morning week
  • No alcohol week
  • Make your coffee at home week
  • Complete your journal week
  • No processed foods week
  • 10 000 steps a day week
  • Quality time with your partner/kids week
  • No complaining week (this one is hard!)
  • And the biggest of all: NO SPEND WEEK

Stick to the above and you will accomplish something small every week. Go a step further and for those related to money, track how much you save by doing so! A little bit of change can make a big difference! And if you’re feeling motivated, you can do more than one a week!

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