9 Girl Boss Habits

Here are 20 habits of successful women you can adopt, develop, and implement to change your life for the better in this final stretch of 2019!

Recite affirmations daily

Buy yourself an Affirmation Journal (Available on Takealot) or simply write down affirmation you can read every day. Another option is to remind yourself of things you are grateful for. Read here: https://everydayesti.co.za/2019/04/16/when-you-wake-up/

Drink more water

Listen to your body and drink more water. Before you consume any other fluids, have a glass of water first.

Is coffee water?

Create weekly meal plans

I’ve been using this meal planner from Woolworths, it has a shopping list section you can tare off that’s super helpful! https://www.woolworths.co.za/prod/Homeware/Kitchen/Kitchen-Storage-Accessories/Weekly-Meal-Planner-52Pgs/_/A-6009211180208

Check your bank statements regularly

I nearly fell on my back when I checked mine. You can see all the place you are unknowingly wasting money. I bank with FNB and also activated my “Bank your change” option, it will round all your card payments up and move those cents to a savings account, you can also add a top-up of up to R50 for each transaction. It’s basically a piggy bank in your bank.

Practice accepting compliments with a simple “Thank You”

Repeat after me: “Thaaaank youuuu.”

Read more books

For every episode on Netflix, read 2 pages of a book. It helps me to get through my reading during those periods where I am NOT keen to read.

Get up at the same time every morning

If you have crazy working hours, then set time for weekday mornings and weekends separately, and make sure you GO to bed a decent time as well.

Plan your day in advance and make a list

Every morning when i get to work I take 10 minutes to check my meetings, plan my day and create a to do list. Then throughout the day I have the reward of ticking things off, and I am not allowed to leave the office until it is done. If you have too much to do, prioritise. Our MD always says. If you have 10 things to do but you can only 5, do the 5 of them perfectly. If you have 5 things to do, but can only do 1, do that one perfectly.

Make time to go outside

If you have a desk job, make time after or before work to go outside. Whether you drink tea on your porch or take your dog for a walk. Spend a few minutes outdoor.

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