Tips to living a simpler life in 2019

It’s 2019 and time is absolutely flying. In our busy everyday schedules between working, homemaking and life itself, we barely have time to give things proper thought and take time for ourselves to regain inner peace. I am determined to make 2019 a year of self-love where I will focus more on an organised lifestyle.

1. Declutter

In 2016 I read about the Konmari method and latched onto it. It changed my life forever. On my first round decluttering I got rid of more than a 1000 items and I’ve been continuing this journey ever since. I get rid of at least 10 items a month of things I have not used in the last 3 months. At that moment it is really difficult and challenging to part with some of the items. Be it gifts from people I love, but items I never use, books I know I’ll never read again, or clothing that still has tags on them. I chuck it.

I do not believe in storing items long term, as the stress and anxiety of having a filled space are way worse than keeping something I think I’ll use or look at again.

As for sentimental items, I keep albums of photos, but on my initial declutter journey I removed old photos from my albums of people I   know anymore. I took photos of items I cared about, like my old school blazer, and placed it in the albums as well, rather than keeping it n a box. The only actual item I still have is my wedding dress.

It’s simple, hold an item in your hand and ask yourself: “Does this spark joy?” If you’re having a hard time getting started, start with an item that’s easy, something you know will spark joy, like your favourite jeans.

2. Yoga!

Wow, what an amazing thing, I know it’s been around for a long time, but despite a couple of online videos I tried out, I never really gave it a fair chance. But recently my husband and I have been going to amazing classes at our gym, and it is absolutely life-changing. Apart from the amazing physical gain (like being able to touch my toes), it has given me a lot of mental peace. Helping me to focus and stop thinking all the time. In that hour of yoga, I regain peace, refocus and reestablish why I am doing what I’m doing every day.

It’s such a great way to instill good thinking patterns and a good physical state too!

3. Plants

Since we moved in together my husband and I have lived in apartments, but when we bought our first home we finally got our first backyard (though very small, I still claim it!). And being able to explore gardening has been amazing. If you live in an apartment you can always have succulents, indoors (we have a ton of them as well). And you can have a small herb garden on your patio if you have space.

Succulents are great indoor plants

4. Pamper yo’self

I’m not sure if other women naturally have the ability to look after themselves and do their nails, hair, and facials all the time. But this is something I struggle to make time for. My nails are rarely done, and I take about 30 minutes to get ready in the morning. So not a whole lot of pampering is happening. So since the beginning of this year, I’ve been focusing on being better at it, I try to have a facial at least once a month and so on and so on. Each time I do it I feel good about myself, not so much about the experience as it is feeling like I’ve made time for myself and for self-care.

5. Save money

I’m lucky to be with someone that is good at managing finances, or I would be in big trouble for overspending all the time. If you have a partner like me, this point will be easy for you. I simply EFT my savings to him and he keeps it for me because I just do not have the discipline to keep it myself. If you are single or your partner also enjoys some good retail therapy, then this won’t be as easy. Perhaps a solution would be to create 32-day savings account so you cant access the money on impulse. The only issue with this is that if an actual emergency arises, your money will be tied up for 32 days (hence the name).

It is important to save not only for a rainy day or exciting holiday but also to give you the peace of mind that if something unexpected as to happen, you had the funds available to deal with it. And on top of that, you are planning for your future self, which always feels good.

2019 is the year where we need to learn to take a Less is More approach to life. Less stuff, less drama, less stress, and less anxiety. We need more peace, more space, and more freedom.

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