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I have not had this page open in front of me in ages, and damn it feels good. The nostalgia is real today.

I have not had time to sit down and write something in months. And there’s a 100 reasons for that, which I’ll get into at some point.

But today I’m lucky enough to be off sick and in bed, and this has given me the sweet opportunity to write again.

It’s so important to be able to quiet your mind every once in a while and recollect your thoughts and think things through. With a routine that requires me to get up at 4 AM and not have a quiet moment until 9 PM at which I simply just pass out has left me with little room to get my thoughts in line.

We need to make time to think of our beliefs, our opinions, to read the news and think about it. To process feelings and emotions. Whether it’s in the morning before your day starts to stand in front of the mirror and encourage yourself with beautiful truths or at night to deal with the days feelings and clear your mind. Some form of it needs to happen.

We use the “I’m too busy” excuse all too often for so many different reasons and often only disadvantage ourselves by doing it. This includes cancelling plans with friends, not responding to texts, not reading, not meditating, not exercising, not thinking, not sleeping enough and not making time to just do nothing.

Women are especially guilty of this. How many times have you woken up and immediately start thinking of things you need to do, and when you make yourself a cup of tea and sit down you constantly think of thing s that has to get done. And when you decide to just chill, you feel guilty because you know you still have to do washing and make dinner.

Create the habit of taking 5 minutes a day to just dit down and think. Not of things you need to do, but of how you feel. Do you love your job? What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? Who do you miss, text them. What is something you feel strong about, why do you feel so strong about about it? Are you happy? What makes you happy, and what makes you sad. Think about acceptance. Accepting what you’re bad at, accepting things you dislike. And do that daily.

This will encourage you to make the needed changes in  your life. If you truly think of your life, and how you are experiencing it day by day, it will identify toxic people and bad habits. That 5 minutes a day is like yoga for your mind, it clarifies things, forces you to reflect on decisions on you made and decisions you need to make. A lot of things are passive in your life, and a lot of it is bad for you, but you do not realise it, because you’re not thinking about it. It’s just there. Like that coat in your closet that you don’t even see anymore, but you never wear. See it, acknowledge it, and get rid of it.

You’ll feel more in control of yourself and your life. And you’ll clear your mind of white noise, so when you’re truly busy, you can focus on the task at hand, without that unfulfilling. Feeling gnawing in your unconscious mind.

You owe yourself those 5 minutes to clear your mind.

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