A God-centered Marriage

Disclaimer: This is a Christian-religion based post. It is not intended to offend other religions. My blog’s platform is a non-judgement zone, and if you do not agree wth my beliefs, please respect it, as I respect yours.

It’s the season of love! Valentine’s day is around the corner, and everybody is running around to get the perfect gift, date or letter for their loved-ones. In this beautiful season I decided to write about love, as it is so fitting.

You’ll often hear people talking about a God-centered marriage, whether it’s your pastor, parents, friends or family. But exactly what does it mean? I’m not too sure either, but I know what I think it is, and I truly believe that my husband and I have such a spiritually fulfilling God-centered marriage. So today I’ll simply be sharing my perception of what I believe makes our marriage a God-centered one.

I have heard many people say that a God-centered marriage refers to praying together, worshipping together, going to church together etc. But does that mean that couples that spend a lot of time apart, for example, if the husband works abroad, does not have a God-centered marriage simply because they can’t go to church together? Certainly not!

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To be completely honest, I don’t particularly like worshiping the Lord in front of my husband, because if ya’ll had to hear me sing, you’d wonder why I’m not single and alone with nine cats in a small apartment. Also, we recently (yes, yes, it’s been six months already) moved to a new town, and it took us a while to get settled in, meaning we’ve been listening to Elevation Church podcasts, and watching Joseph Prince videos, and we’ve been nowhere near a church in the past few months. We’ve only recently been going to new churches to find a community we feel comfortable with. We rarely pray together, because to be honest, I feel slightly awkward praying in front of my husband. The reason is, that when I talk to God, I kind of just babble about whatever I want. I chat to God all day, praising Him, asking Him stuff, laughing about stuff, and it’s very informal. So when my husband and I pray together, I suddenly feel pressured to have some kind of structure in my prayer. I feel like I can’t be like “Yo, Jesus, Wazaaaaap, thanks for everything, and thanks for giving me a bomb-ass husband, his cool. Ameeen” So my prayer becomes pretentious. My husband doesn’t expect my prayer to be a certain way, but I can’t shake the feeling of being a little more formal when he’s around.

So I thought about what a God centered marriage meant for me. Because I was worried that we were missing something important in our marriage because I didn’t want to do those things. But I really thought about it, and I believe that it simply means that each of you, as individuals are building a relationship with God, and trusting Him to assist you in being a better husband and wife. Thus the Lord plays a big role in your marriage, but you have no obligation to somehow prove it, or do it together as an activity or duty. You simply focus in becoming a godly wife for your husband that loves and cherishes him with the support and grace of God, and he does the same.

We love Jesus, and we love each other, we have playlists with Bruno Mars and David Crowder all mixed together, we read our Bibles when we want to read an action-filled story of talking-burning bushes and a bearded guy that built a really big boat. We get Word and new wisdoms by reading, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos, and sharing those URL links with each other when we think it’s a great one. We talk about God, and what we believe. We talk about our individual relationship with God, and what we want and need and how we’ve been blessed that day. And I truly feel that we have a God-centered marriage, that’s blessed with grace and unmerited favour.

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So don’t ever feel like you have some obligation as a couple to somehow prove that you have a God-centered marriage. You decide how you want your relationship to be with your significant other, and the role you want God to play in it. Or how you want His role to be in your relationship. If you’re not religious then this post is probably not for you. And I am not judging anyone, I simply believe that my relationship with God gives me hope for my marriage, that there is a God that can help me to be better, to be a better wife, and to bless our relationship.

I believe that having a God-centered marriage makes marriage more fun, it gives it a dynamic that is interesting and fulfilling. And it allows my husband and I to grow together through God, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. So Jesus, thanks for that Man, you’re The Man!

Have a great Valentine’s Day, and be blessed.


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