“New year, new me”?

It’s a beautiful summers day in Strand, I just finished washing our sheets, and they’re drying in the light breeze. I can hear the waves, just a few meters from our home. My husband is working outside, and after giving him some icy juice, and coming back upstairs, Shaun Jacobs Band is playing in the background and my bunny is taking a nap on our carpet, I sit down on the couch to write. But about what? I feel an intense sense of gratitude today. Gratitude for our life. Gratitude for my husband and what we have, where we are.

It’s almost been a year (2 days from now) since we said our ‘I do’s’ and what a wonderful and glorious journey it has been. So much happened. But it only got better. When I think of our wedding day, I just remember how I kept thinking of how much I love that man, and how excited I was to become his wife. And this year as his wife did not disappoint.

2016 was a tough year for most of us, and the world faced many challenges. A lot happened, and a lot changed, 2016 gave us Brexit, Putin and Trump. 2016 took Prince, David Bowie and even Alan Rickman. 2016 was full of loss and change and challenge. But it is in these moment of change that we have the opportunity to learn and develop, and that’s exactly what 2016 was to my husband and I.

We learnt so much, how to adapt, how to step up when you have nothing else going for you but you. How to support one another, and what it feels like to lose friends, family and money.

But with every loss we gained. With every challenge we learned, and with every curveball 2016 threw at us, we dodged and counter-played it.

Everything 2016 threw at you, is what’s going to enable you to be strong enough for whatever 2017 brings. You’ll be able to handle the challenges better this year, thanks to 2016. All of us are still finding our way as ‘kinda’ adults, but we need to learn to support one another, instead of judging and criticizing.

new year new me

If ever there was a time for new years resolutions, I believe it is now, with 2017. All of us have changed and developed so much, that we can take this new year and make it ours. None of us are anything close to the person we were a year ago. So it’s time to set new goals for ourselves, no matter what they are. I thought about mine. I wanted to make them achievable, but challenging, so here they are:

  • Be outside more – we live in one of the most breathtaking countries in the world.
  • Have less of a presence on social media
  • Have a smaller carbon footprint
  • Eat better – so far I’m failing this one, but I’ve still got 336 days to get this right.
  • Let go of those that I know bring me down, and draw those close that bring up.
  • When people gossip, walk away.
  • Accepting that girl in the mirror
  • Sleep more
  • To say thank you instead of sorry
  • To draw closer to my King

We have so much to be grateful for, so I want to say thank you to 2016, for teaching me to stand up, to step up, to create, to think, to work hard, to believe and to love harder. 2017, I’m more ready for than ever. So let’s do this.

What’s your new years resolution? Share them in the comments below!

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