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Until recently I had about 200 apps on my phone, and since Monday my phone have been warning me about a shortage of storage space. (Sad-face).

So I went through all my apps and decluttered my phone (how freeing!).

I decided to share with you my favourite apps that I absolutely adore, and use almost daily!

So here they are:


app clue

What a fantastic app. Basically you enter data daily, such as hours slept, sexual activity, mood, energy etc. And it tracks your ovulation cycle. This way you know exactly when your moods will be off, when PMS will start, when your period should start etc. It also imports this data into your health app on iPhone creating a comprehensive collection of information your health. I love this app, and really helps me to understand my cycle, ovulation and state of mind better.

It also has an option to set a reminder for you to take your contraceptive pill, which is great, especially if you have a crazy schedule like I do.




This app is unbelievably user friendly. It’s relatively new, so they might update frequently. I love this app and I urge everyone to download it. It’s fantastic. It was setup by more than a hundred doctors and scientists.

You can seek help for you or someone else. So you simply search the major symptom on the app, and then they ask you series of questions. Once the questions are done they give you a detailed report with various things that might cause the symptoms, with statistics added, as well as the urgency of seeking medical help. Again, it imports this data to your Health app if you use an iPhone.

This is great, especially for pregnant women and children, and actually just everyone. So do yourself a favour and download it!




Obviously. This is a popular app, and well-known amongst active people, but I love it! It’s a community platform where you track and record active activities, and Strava deduces all the necessary data from your activity. For instance, if you go for a hike, it will track the distance, the actual trail, the average pace, top speed, elevation etc. You can share it with other users, join groups and many more. It’s basically a GPS that motivates you.

This is a great way to motivate yourself to reach goals and interact with other likeminded people.

It’s just great! I’m hooked.




If you’re anything like me, you have changed your passwords a 100 times because you keep forgetting them, because you shouldn’t have the same password for everything (it’s not safe!). So I discovered this app which keeps your password for you, so you only have to remember the password for the app! Yay! It also has a fingerprint ID option to be double safe! You can organize the passwords in categories, and it also shows you how strong your passwords are. It has helped me a great deal to remember my passwords.




For the ladies! I use to do promotions at clubs until 02:00 am, and then I’d have to walk to my car alone. It was so scary, and I always worried that something might happen, until I got this app. You log in when you need to, so I’d log in just before I’d leave the club, and log out once you’re safe, while logged in, it tracks your location, and if you’re in danger, you just shake your phone and it notifies everyone you have listed to be notified.

It also has the option to set a meeting time, so if you’re in a meeting you set how long the meeting will last, and if you do not notify the app that your meeting is done in that time, it will send a notification to everyone you listed. It also has a travel option and many other great options. I love this as I often travel alone or go to meetings with strangers and new clients.



Other great apps I love are iMovie, CamScanner, Aviary, Medium and SoundCloud, so go check them out when you have a chance!

Please note that I use an iPhone so I know these apps are available on the Appstore, but I’m not sure about Android users. 



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