You’ll be judged. Keep going.


We’ve all been there. Where someone said something about you, hated you, copied you, insulted you or disappointed you. And more often than not we are given the advice to kill them with kindness to show them that it doesn’t bother you. But I completely disagree. Because it shouldn’t bother you, period. Their comments and opinions, and thoughts and conversations should be so insignificant to you that your actions towards them shouldn’t be thought of and analysed. Instead you should be focusing on working on your goals, building a career and a life you love.

The past few years I’ve been challenged with people talking about my past and actions, I’ve been challenged by people talking badly about my actions, my personal life and my business decisions, in every area of my life, I’ve been discussed, and as gossip goes in a small town, everyone added their own little twist to my life story.

But, people would come to me, and say: “Did you hear what so and so said about you?” or “Oh, but I heard that you…” or even “No, you’re wrong, I heard that you…” So people would correct me, based on stories they heard about me. Like really?

And for the first few months it bothered me, I was upset that people could be so cruel to someone that did nothing to them. But one day something clicked, or snap, I don’t really know, but something happened. And I was over it, irrespective if they were over it, I was. So whenever someone came to me and said “Someone told me that you…” I would simply reply with “Why did they feel they can tell you that?” and when they stuttered I would laugh, shrug and talk about the weather. And I wouldn’t think of what they told me for a second longer.


“They hate us, ‘coz they ain’t us.”

I’m sure people still has a lot to say about my past, and my life decisions, and my blogs and my Instagram photos, but people, bad people, will always enjoy discussing other peoples lives in a negative way. They feed off the energy of gossiping, and seeing people get sensation out of the story they are telling. But small minded people that discuss other people for a minute of sensation, isn’t worth killing with kindness, it isn’t worth analysing your approach to them, because they’re at fault here, and if you’re a topic of their discussion you are already a 1000 miles ahead of them. Have you ever met a hater that’s doing better than you? I bet you haven’t.

I have also discussed other people, judged them, or listened to gossip. But I’m well aware of how wrong it is, and I’m actively working on excluding myself from such conversations as far as possible, keeping a clean slate, and living my life with no regard for others opinions.

So I want to encourage each and every woman that has ever faced gossip and false accusations about themselves, being judged for the way they dress, or talk or look or feel. That have been called out for something they didn’t do or say. You are ahead of those stories, so do not partake in it, do not take notice of it. Continue living your life to the best of your ability and embrace the glorious queen that you are. Remember who you are: I want to meet her !

“Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.”


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