How to live a better, richer life

how to live better richer life

And, we’re moving!

This post is a little long, but it gets better! I think.

So I’ve been awfully quiet on my blog, Instagram, and pretty much everywhere else, except for Pinterest. I’ve been pinning like a crazy person. (You can check out my account here: Everydayesti Pinterest .)

There’s a reason for this. We’re moving! After living in my small town for nearly 20 years, it’s finally time to move on, permanently. So Bye-Bye Langebaan, where no one knows your business like other people.

Okay, some background: For the past 4 months my husband worked 18 hours a day, juggling freelancing, personal training and studying. During this time he told me that he wanted to work for this one specific company in Cape Town (he also always says: “I always get what I want,”) and behold, even though it was a stretch, because it is an extremely well-known company with top clients in the country, he got it, just like everything else. After a few months of working very hard, he updated his LinkedIn, applied for the job, and actually got it! His hard work, sweat and our midnight prayers paid off. He wanted something, he worked for it, he got it.

We’re looking at different homes, meeting estate agents, and surfing the web. And of course, as a result, I’ve been spending A LOT of time on Pinterest for some inspo for decorating our new home. How exciting!


So as I’ve mentioned a number of times in my previous posts, I’ve been reading about minimalizing my life, and what better time to do it, than just before moving. So this brings me to the essence of what I’m talking about.

I’m living a better and richer life, and small tweaks to my state of living created this life for me. So here’s a list of things I did and changed to make my life to suit me better.

We often live in a routine that we dislike, a routine that makes us feel tired, demotivated, sad or depressed, and we have no idea what to do to feel better. So we kind of just accept that this is what adult life is, and that it sucks (or is that just me?). But after doing these few things, I’m happier. A lot of these things are custom to my life, and it might not apply to your own life, but I’ll share it anyway, because sharing is caring!

  • I started writing! In April I started my blog, writing about whatever I felt like. I didn’t think of what people wanted to read, I thought of what I wanted to write. I first wrote in a diary, but somehow I only wrote when I was feeling down. So when I made the decision to publish my thoughts online, it helped me to have a positive outlook on my life. Writing with the thought that other people are reading it, motivated me to write in a way that could help other people that might have been in the same situation, or that felt the same way. So blogging has really enriched my life.
  • I gym less. Yes, I’m happier. I used to gym at least 5 days a week. It made me tired, and I felt stressed, because I pressured myself to go to the gym every single day, even Sundays. I barely gave my body a chance to rest, and as a result I had injuries, and a tired mind and body. When your body is tired, the results for exercising slows down too! So now I gym whenever I feel like it, which is more frequent than you would think, but less than 5 days a week, because I live a balanced life, and it’s like my body tells me when it needs exercise, and which exercise, be it a walk, a bicycle ride, CrossFit or whatever.
  • I buy less. I’ve spoken about this in my Let’s talk minimalism series. But I’ve downscaled even more. I no longer shop at places like Mr Price or Edgers, I’ll still take a walk through it, but I limit my purchasing. I tell myself: “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap clothes,” in other words, it costs more money to buy cheap clothing, as you have to replace them more frequently. Instead I have a small list of clothing I always miss when I get dressed in the mornings, and when I go shopping, I’ll search for those specific items only, avoiding impulse shopping.
  • I changed my contraception. I used to be on a pill, and I’d been on it for a while, so I went to go see my Doctor and asked her to put me on something different for a change, so I could see how the pill was affecting me. After starting the new pill, I had headaches for about two weeks, because my body became addicted to some of the hormones in the previous pill, so I had to rehabilitate myself. But since I’ve been on the new pill, my skin is better, I don’t get moody, I feel more energised, I’m happier in general. So ladies, if you’ve been on a contraceptive pill for a while, consider changing it for a while, especially if it isn’t a natural contraceptive pill, and see how it effects you.
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter!
  • Start a business, we can’t always get what we want by having it handed to us. So start a venture to do what you love. Once that business becomes profitable, the reward of feeling success will bring you great joy! The business I started: Tweek
  • I identified who I am. Personal branding, I can’t emphasise this enough. You need to brand yourself. Decide who you are, what you like, who you like and so on. This took me my whole life to figure out, and I’ll always evolve, learning new things about myself, shaping myself into a fabulous diva that will be a good wife, good mother, good person, with pretty clothes and a nice home. That’s why I changed the branding of Everydayesti as well, I realised that my branding portrayed an old me, a person I wasn’t anymore, a person I hadn’t been for a long time. So I did an analysis of myself (I’ll write a post on how to analyse yourself as well), and realises how much I changed, so I changed my branding as well.
  • I read more, I walk more, I listen to music more, I sleep more. Though I’m minimalising my life, I’m maximising my intake. I’m trying out new food, new places, new hiking routes, new music. I’m exploring life. And it has made me a 100 times happier.

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I’ve done many other things, obvious things, removed people from my life, removed gossip, removed negativity, removed complaining (Even though complaining still happens! I’m a woman, it’s in my DNA!).

All I’m trying to say is that I created a happy life for myself, without depending on someone else to do it for me. Happiness comes from within, and it then blooms outward, you can’t expect it to come from the outside. This world is too cruel for that. So be happy, live your life the way you want to, and everyone around you, that truly loves you, wil love you more, because you will become a better, truer version of yourself.


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