Things that bring me joy

Actual materialistic things that enrich my life.

All of us find joy in the company of our lover, family and friends we find joy in walks on the beach or laying on the grass looking at the passing clouds. And then, we find joy in things. So here’s a list of things that’s been enriching my life with joyous moments the past few months. I thought I’d share it, because it might bring you a hoppity poppity feeling of joy too!

Okay, so this specific thing I only discovered very recently, Sufjan Stevens. Okay, he’s not a thing; (Oh no! I objectified someone! I feel bad now). But his albums are available on vinyl (that’s pretty cool eh?)  and those are things, amazing things, that brings me tremendous joy! His albums Illinois and Michigan are my favourite, and I listen to it at home, at work and wherever else I can.

Secondly,  (typical first world lady), my iPhone, this is so vain, but it really does. I can capture photos of special moments, keep my Sufjan Stevens albums on it, read my favourite e-books, scroll through Pinterest, and a lot of other stuff on that little device, so yes, it brings me joy. A lot of it. Especially iPhone, it is user friendly, the new 6S has improved battery life, great camera quality, and a whole lot of other awesome stuff. And of course, it’s available in Rose Gold, a dream come true for any Queen B.


Third, my beauty blender. Man, I really sound so vain, but that’s kind of what this post is about right? Materialistc ol’-me. The beauty-blender has really made my make up routine a lot simpler, when you apply foundation, it looks more natural, and not so pasty, and it’s quick, and it’s easy to clean and use, and it’s just really, really cool. Perfect for a lazy person like myself.


Another thing that brings me joy, is books. A lot of books, but a few books that really enhanced my life, and made it better was this list:

  • How to win friends and influence people – Dale Canergie
  • The life changing magic of tidying – Marie Kondo (I spoke about this book in my previous posts Let’s talk minimalism)
  • The hundred year old man that climbed out the window and disappeared – Jonas Jonasson

Those are really good books, that have brought me a lot of joys, each in very different ways, I strongly recommend that all of you read it.

Next up, my pets, okay I won’t objectify them either, by they bring me so much joy! I have two pugs and a bunny, Louis; Frankie and Knowiss; and they are three of the best things in my life, they always make me laugh, and they love me just as much as I love them, everyone with a pet will get this.


Frankie showin’ some love!

Fifth, plants! There’s a certain sense of satisfaction having plants in our home, especially succulents, because they eliminate the depressing notion of dying. Having green life around the house makes it feel like a home, and it gives my inner mother instinct something to take care of.


And that’s it! Everyday I find joy in different things, and I also have my usuals, like my morning coffee, my husband’s amazing pancakes, our pretty home, my sewing machine etc. But the above listed things are really special and they make a significant difference to my day. So I hope that when you try any of these things, that they’ll bring you joy too!

Feel free to comment and share the things that brings you joy!


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