Little things that’s a BIG deal

We often hear people say that it’s ‘the little things’ in the relationship that matters. Though this is very true, there’s a few of these little things, that’s really a big deal.

So to all the boys and men that have a beautiful princess they love, have a look at these:

1.Forehead kisses — a.k.a signs of affection

Yo’ kiss me on the forehead! It’s plain and simple. I’m your lady, and I’m queen B in my own little world. No need to kiss my feet, but my forehead, that can work! This is probably the most cliche thing I could’ve started out with, but it’s true. This means that when we’re watching movies, or we’re at a restaurant, or whatever the case, when you get up to leave, we appreciate a kiss on the forehead, or any sign of affection for that matter. We’re needy like that.


2. Attention

When we’re talking to you, especially when it’s about our precious little fragile feelings, our day or even the new pair of shoes we bought, we want your full attention. Obviously I won’t pour my heart out while you’re watching the game, (only sometimes!). But when we’re chilling at home or driving in the car, we’d like to know that we have your attention. We hate being ignored. When a girl says something, she wants a response, any response, even just a “k” is better than being ignored, yep, ‘k’ is better than nothing.

3. Surprises

Ever watch Pulp Fiction? Where Samuel L. Jackson bursts into the room? “Surprise Motherfucker!”. We like that, no we LOVE that. I’ve talked about this one in my previous post 10 things women wish men knew , we LOVE surprises. A surprise cup of tea when we’re reading, a period-mix (if you want to know what that is, watch No strings attached); a warm bath after a long-ass day, a hug, or a ‘how was your day’. The little things you know?

4. Say Thank you

We love doing things for you, washing your clothes, cooking your food and going the extra mile. All we want in return, is a simple thank you, nothing more, and preferably nothing less. Please and THANK YOU.

5. Compliments

I shave my legs, and my arm pits too! I dress up, brush my hair, and wear uncomfortable shoes. Hearing you say “Hey beautiful,” can change our whole mood. Making all the effort we put in, completely worth it, and it also encourages us to do it again. Or before we go out to see friends, tell me I look beautiful! I spent way too much time on Pinterest, finding something to wear, and that pile of clothing on my floor isn’t decorative, dressing up takes time, so please tell me I look pretty if you think I do.


6. Defend us

We are often placed in uncomfortable situations where we need a man to defend us. Whether it is an overbearing man when we go out, or simply a discussion where someone disagrees with us. This is more important than you think. You should always back your partner up when they are having a brawl, even if you think that they are not in the right. You must never leave them standing on their own in an argument. At the very least, you should try and bring the argument to an end. That way they will know that you have their back, that they can rely on you and that you love them. This is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.

It all comes down to the simple fact that the small things really does matter, I prefer a diamond over a private jet you know? Okay just kidding. We love our men, we love you, and we know you love us back, as long as you keep doing those little gestures to make us feel like the queens we believe we are.



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