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Everyone of us have this crazy stupid life. So today I’m adding to my Let’s talk minimalism series, where I’ve written Let’s talk minimalism and Let’s talk minimalism | Clothes.

Minimalism is more than just de-cluttering your physical life, you need to de-clutter your mind is heart too.

So let’s talk about minimalizing your lifestyle. This means you need to slow down. Slow everything down. What does this mean? You need to do 50% less shit. Less activities daily, weekly, monthly. Those activities that remain, you need to do 50% slower, so they’ll take 50% longer. It’s scary. For example, eating a meal, instead of shoving the food down your throat, take the time to enjoy your food and the company you share it with.

The reason I’m saying this is that we clutter our material side of life, but also our time, I wrote about Time vs. Money where I spoke about the value of your time, and we need to realise the importance of what we spend our time on, and why those activities have value.

Activities suck up your free time. Yesterday we got home after being away from home for two weeks. Instead of sitting down, enjoying my cup of coffee, and basking in the comfort of our own home, I immediately started unpacking, cleaning the house, cooking, and all the other things. After 4 hours of rushing around, I fell on the couch next to my husband, kissed him on the cheek, sat 2 minutes, and thought of all the stuff I still need to do, and got up to finish everything. Nothing would’ve gone wrong if I’d just left it for today, and spend that time more valuable by enjoying a cuppa with my husband and pets, or to just be rather than to do.


We need to make time to just sit and think. And do nothing else. You might not realise the value of having time to think, but it directly impacts your levels of fulfillment in life. If you minimize your activities and only leave the bare essentials (this includes activities that brings you joy) then you will feel a lot more fulfillment than the need to do all the other things that clutter your time.

Have you realized that the western lifestyle is very focused on moving permanently, instead of focusing on self actualization, so we miss out on spending time on improving relationships and self improvement. But instead we spend time on watching House of Cards, doing washing, and drinking your coffee while sitting in traffic and being on the phone. Always busy.

This modern lifestyle that we know, have blinded us, everyone we know follows this lifestyle, this cluttered lifestyle. We’re not even sure what a healthy lifestyle looks like. In the past people focused on survival and spending their energy and time on important things like self improvement. Now we spend time on things that actually make us feel worse, like scrolling through social media, just to be busy.


I’ve always been someone that’s always in a rush, whatever I do, I do as fast as possible. I’ll always drive as fast as the law allows me, because why would I drive slower to get to a destination? I always power walk, I always have something to do, always. Which means that I’m annoyed most of the day, and impatient when someone isn’t moving as fast as I want them to. I’m addicted to doing, all of us are.

So now I’m implementing minimalism not only in my material life, but in my lifestyle as well. So far it’s difficult. Even now as I’m writing this, I tend to type as fast as I can, writing everything down, with the idea to edit it afterwards. Not really taking the time, to type slower, thinking before writing each paragraph. So I’m trying it, I’m trying to slow down. Taking my time.

So we need to turn it around, we need to be more conscious, mindful and present. So we’re being rather than always doing. We need to commit. We’re like hamsters in a wheel, and we need to stop and clear our minds and our time.


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  1. Be thankful, be appreciative, be kind, be happy, be you. I loved reading this piece, because we can so easily fall and tumble and sometimes, because of DOING, it will feel as if you cannot climb out of that damn hole you are in. I am all for self improvement and just to be. When we work it is good, but we are only human. That is why we have leave. It is to leave the work place and rest and just to be. It is for you to do whatever you want when ever you need to. Trust me, I can become so easily frustrated when the kitchen floor end u dirty or someone left a mug on the coffee table – again. Or someone did not wipe their feet when visiting and going to bed, because a client forgot to inform me to insure the R 450 000 vehicle. This causes me to work and clean nearly all day. But there is ALWAYS one day, one day I need to loaf in my pyjama’s, not to worry about the dishes or the fact of people not wiping their feet. This is the day I will crochet, read a book, be in the garden and be in the sun. This day can be any day. Just to be by myself to recuperate and regenerate.

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