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As I mentioned in my previous post, Let’s talk minimalism I’ll be doing a small series of posts regarding minimalism. So over the weekend, I downsized my closets by about a quarter, and I’m not done yet. But I’ll share my experience with you up until where I’ve gotten so far.

So my closet is a mess, with a wide range of colored clothing, sorted by the type of item, such as t-shirts, blouses, jerseys etc. Everything is mixed up, and it’s frustrating. I have to add that I have 4 closets, and this is only one of them.

I’m busy reading Marie Kondo’s book, The Life changing Magic of Tidying. Where she speaks of the Konmari method of cleaning. It’s an amazing book, and I strongly suggest that everyone takes the time to read it. So I used the Konmari method to start sorting out my closet.

So here’s a step by step guide

1.Collect everything and put it in one place

So the idea is to take all of your clothes, every single thing, and put in on the floor or on your bed. So you’re doing a once of cleanse, not little by little.

I didn’t do this, as I have too much clothing, so it wouldn’t fit in our room. So I took one closet at a time.

2. Does it spark joy?

The next step is to take each piece of clothing and ask yourself: “Does it spark joy?” So I made a ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ pile. In my yes-pile I only put clothing that makes me excited, makes me feel really good or makes me look really good. I also put my bare basics that’s in great condition in the yes-pile. In my maybe-pile I put clothing I wondered about, and bright-colored clothing that I would’ve put in the yes-pile. [I forgot to mention that I am trying to get rid of my bright colored clothes, so I only have earthy tones, blacks and grey’s left.]

Mid-way sorting into my three piles:

image9 (1).JPG

3. Eliminate the maybe pile

Time to be brutally honest. So then I went through my maybe-pile again, eliminating bright colors, except if it really made me happy. And I eliminated everything I haven’t worn the past 6 months, as well as anything older than 2 years. Leaving me with a small pile of clothing to add to my yes-pile.


Maybe-pile being sifted away

4. Color code

So the next step is to sort the yes-pile according to color.

My yes pile before sorting:




I realized I had a lot of white clothing, so I took a few more out and chucked it on the no-pile.

According to the Konmari method the best is to fold your clothing a certain way. But My closet doesn’t allow me to use that method, because my space is limited, so I had to do it the old way.

I still have some colored clothing left. But I love those, so I kept it. I’ll through it out when I’m ready.

The result:


So yes, I still have a very long way to go, but the “spark joy” method has really helped me to be honest with myself about my clothes. Because I kept a lot of clothing for reasons like:

  • It’s new
  • It’s sentimental
  • It was expensive
  • I really looked good in it that one time
  • It was a gift

And various other reasons.

Living a minimalist life is all about being honest with yourself, and only keeping things that you feel you need in your life to enrich your life. And your old Matric jersey won’t do that.

Closet 1 done and dusted. Only 3 to go (as well as my clothing in storage and all my shoes, but shhh! That’s our little secret!)


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