Let’s talk minimalism

What is it? And why?

So if you’re by any means informed of what’s happening in the world of fashion, decor and anything basically, then you would’ve heard the term “minimalism” by now.

Minimalism is a movement that took place in the 1950’s in the art world, ad was characterized by simple forms and shapes.


Naturally, people with complex minds, and lives, loved this concept, as it created a feeling of organization and control. As if everything in their lives weren’t as chaotic. So it wasn’t long before this style was infiltrated into home decor and fashion


So soon Art Deco and other colorful art took over, and the movement faded, but nearly 60 years later, it has come again. For the same reason might I add. Life has become so complex, with social media and the internet fogging our minds. We are exposed to hundreds and thousands of sources of information and bombarded from every angle. So naturally we would seek something that would calm us and help us focus.

So in my opinion trends are fully controlled, so when the recession struck in 2008, it became the norm to buy second-hand furniture, give it a fresh coat of paint and call it ‘vintage’ or ‘shabby chic’, women jumped on this band wagon, and soon the second hand furniture became more expensive than new ones. Simple demand and supply.

But recession passed, sort of, and so did the style, and now a new, well old, style has made its appearance again. Minimalism.


Minimalism today can be defined as: “Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art.” —Richard Holloway

I am often asked the question, “So what is minimalism anyway?” It is a question that is received from all different angles – from people I have just met and from people I have known for many years. I typically answer with a short, simple explanation: “I am intentionally trying to live with only the things I really need.” But I always desire to answer more in-depth. I always hope they will ask follow-up questions that allow me to explain the lifestyle further.

Because minimalism isn’t just a lifestyle, but a life decision. An adjustment, a way of life. A permanent thing.

I believe that minimalism has reappeared in our midst because people are tired and they need simplicity in their lives. We were brainwashed by advertisements and media that we always need whatever is advertised, and therefore happiness lays in accumulating things. And for a very long time I based a lot of my joy on purchasing things. I called it ‘retail therapy’. So whenever I was feeling down, I would go shopping, buying clothes and shoes and bags. Buying decor for our home, new kitchen appliances, and gifts for family. I would spend an enormous amount of money on things I didn’t need, on impulse purchasing.

Minimalism brings you freedom from the passion to possess things. And it helps you to place your happiness in things that really matter, such as relationships and your talents. So now, instead of going for retail therapy, I’ll chat to my husband or mom, or paint or sketch, or bake or cook. I’ll find things more worthy to do.


So minimalism simply slows you down, so you don’t run the fast pace that we think we should. So it frees you from following trends and styles. It frees you from idolizing celebrities and purchasing the window display. You are free to focus on the real important things in life. And on only purchasing things that defines you, and adds value to your life.

I’m only starting my journey as a minimalist now, and I’ve already freed myself from so many things. At that specific moment where you have to get rid of things that you accumulated over the years, it is difficult. But for some reason you rarely miss something. You might work out an outfit and think “Ah, damn, if only I still had that green scarf”, but you’ll then think of something else to wear, and you won’t miss it again.


I’ll be doing a minimalist blog series over the next couple of weeks, so if you’re interested in also living a minimalist lifestyle, keep an eye out for my “Let’s talk minimalist” series.

I look forward to walking this journey, and assisting some of you to make the same changes.

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