A letter to the Standford boy’s dad


Good day sir

I wish I could sit across you right now, and speak to you. Face to face. So you can know how serious I am.

What a noble act to defend your son in court. But it seems as if you did this with no regard for anyone else than yourself.

I don’t have children of my own, so I have no idea to what lengths I’ll go to protect my child, and therefore I will not comment on that. In fact, I respect that you are willing to defend your child, despite what happened, because even if what your son says is true, it still makes him a piece of shit, that needs a proper smack on the head.

Because you see. He was supposed to save himself for a girl that he wanted to take home, to meet you and your wife, one that he could take on dates, he was supposed to save himself for a girl that would attend his swim competitions, to support him and cheer for him. But instead he ‘thought’ that some random girl, whose name he didn’t ask, was more fitting to assault behind a dumpster. All for lust.

And to me that speaks a lot louder about you than about your son. How did you raise your little boy to think in his mind that it was in any way acceptable to do what he did.

The worst of it all, is that what your son said happened is nearly as bad as what really happened. Because even if the young lady DID want whatever he did, she would’ve felt like shit the next day, because that’s exactly the way he treated her. Like shit. Behind a dumpster.

This whole incident places the spotlight on rape and assault. And on sex offenders and sex. But that spotlight should be placed on parents too. You raised a son that was capable of raping a young girl, and instead of defending him in court, you were supposed to do a self analysis of the type of man you are, and the type of man you raised.

But by the way you handled the court case, the questions you asked that defenseless girl, was done in the same heartless, cold mindset that your son had when he nearly raped that girl. You had no regard for her feelings or her experience. Not once did your son apologize for what he did, whether it was rape or not. And not once did you apologize for putting her through a year of constantly reminding her that your little shit of a son did to her.

You defended him. Like any parent would I guess. But you lost your humanity along the way. And that makes you just as bad as your son. You should’ve done your parental duty when you told him about the bird and the bees. You should’ve told him how to act, how situations regarding sex works. That Yes means yes, but anything else means no. What a girl’s body language says about sex. That even if you’re dating a girl and she loves you, but she’s drunk, that sex is not okay then. But you didn’t. And he broke that girl into pieces, and now you want to be a parent. It’s too late. You raised a monster and you helped him get away with it.

Let that sink in. And live with it. And when you look in the mirror, I hope you see your son, and that girl, and what you did, and what he did.

I’ll end this letter off now. I hope you see it. And I hope that even though you defended your son in court, that you still spoke to him in the privacy of your home, about what he did, and what he did wrong. And the effect it had on that girl.


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