In all seriousness-ness

Take yourself seriously, but don’t take the rest so seriously.

I recently read an article about Alicia Key that’s running a No-make up campaign to create awareness of the unrealistic standards being set by the industry.


The campaign kicked off and it seems to have been a huge success. But when I started reading the things people were saying in the comments section, my heart sank. In 2016 people seem to want to have a problem with everything. And they always have a problem with the most ridiculous things.

In the comments people were arguing that Alicia Keys launched the campaign because she is against people wearing makeup. Society has brain washed us to believe that every action needs a negative reaction. That when you’re against animal cruelty, that you support child abuse, that if you launch cancer campaigns you don’t care about diabetes, that if you support the “All lives matter” campaign, you’re against the “black lives matter campaign”. Since when does the one come at the price of the other? Since when is every comment that has “white” or “black” in it racist? Or “men” and “women” sexist, or since when is it okay to call someone a homophobe based on their personal beliefs?


We’re caught up in this cycle where we turn against each other over petty topics. Over topics that have been brought up in the first place to try to better the situation we’re in. But somehow people still find a way to turn it against one another. It’s like we don’t want to move forward. We’ll create more problems out of the solutions.

People are taking life way too seriously but they aren’t taking themselves serious enough.

Think about it, how often has someone else had an idea, and you support it fully, but when you come up with something, you procrastinate it or chuck the idea because you feel it isn’t good enough or worth it. We so often praise other people and we completely miss our calling in life because we simply don’t take ourselves serious enough.

Instead we consume our time arguing over petty nonsense, instead of creating movements that you know you are capable of creating.


More often than not I would think of something, and let it go, and soon thereafter someone else would’ve pursued it, and made it into a success just as much as I would’ve. But I didn’t trust my own capabilities enough.

In my third year in Uni one of our lecturers would ask us daily to come up with business ideas, one of the students came up with the idea of a watch for your phone (An Apple watch). Everybody was kind of skeptic, but the student that thought of it, was the most skeptic out of all of us, and just after saying what his idea was, he immediately started listing the things that made it a bad idea. Almost as if he wanted to be the one to say it’s a bad idea, before someone else could. That was in 2014. April 10th 2015 the first Apple watch was launched.


If you don’t start taking yourself more seriously, and pursuing your ideas and thoughts and things you want to say. You’ll just be another person passing through life, lifting pointless opinions about those that actually do take themselves serious enough to try to do something great.


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