The power of defining yourself


Have a look around, everyone is so beautiful. And when you think of yourself, you’ll think: “Yeah, but…”

Have you ever looked at someone and thought: “Wow, that is the ugliest person in the whole world?” If you have, you might want to do a little self assessment, but the majority of us have never really thought that of someone, so why on Earth do we think that of ourselves?


What does it mean to you? How would you choose to identify yourself? Is it the name that you carry? Where you are from? Your Social media platforms? Your friends? Typical questions asked is the meaning your name, what your star sign is. Basic stuff.

Life is about who we choose to be, the purpose of the life we choose to live and where we want to go. But who am I anyway? What defines me?

I am who I am because of who we are as a society.


What defines you?

For a long time I thought that my outer appearance defined who I was. I remember getting ready in the morning and looking in the mirror, and wishing that things would be different.

My life was put into my hands, just like your life is put into yours. You are the person in the driver seat of your life, you are in control and you get to decide what it is that defines you. You decide if your life goes on the right path or the bad path. It can be really hard to know what those things are. But you are in control.


When someone says something negative or hateful about you, life is still in your hands, you can choose to make this really bad or you can choose to make this really good. You can let those comments and things define you, or you can choose to be happier. You can complain about those things and let it define you, or you can let your goals and your success and your accomplishments define you.

Not external opinions, or gossip, or your appearance or anything. But you.

The best way to get back at people and your own negative thoughts about yourself, is to turn them around and use them as a ladder to climb up and reach your goals.


People use to talk about me, about being a dumb blonde, a small town girl, a girl who would never find true love after my life decisions, and other awful things. And I used to let it define me. But then something snapped in my mind. I used those things to reach my goals.

I got my diploma and my degree, I built a career, I’m starting a business, I’m working my butt off, and I definitely found true love when I married my amazing and supportive husband.

Yes. I worked my butt off, and I used the people who told me I couldn’t do it as my motivation, I used their opinions as fire to my goals. And I let my goals define me, nothing else.

So you decide. What defines you?

Inspired by Tedx Lizzie

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