5 Things that makes you a bad wife


If you want to know how to be a good wife, follow your intuition and read all about it on Google. Today I’ll write about 5 things that a bad wife or girlfriend does or tend to do, because sometimes we focus so much on doing the good, that we completely overlook some of the bad habits we have as a wife.

So when you read about being a good wife, you’ll read things like “Be understanding”, “care for him”, “Cook for him”, etc. But these things should come naturally for you, because you love him. If you really want to be a good wife, or girlfriend or fiance’, there’s a few bad habits you’ll need to get rid of. And here they are:


You’ll often read quotes and saying that state that a guy can’t read a woman’s mind, and that when you say “Nothing” when they ask what’s wrong, they’ll assume it’s nothing. SO if you’re upset about something. Talk to them about it, there’s no need for him to ask first, you have a full right to talk about your feelings. If you’re the type lady that needs him to ask you, and you know you’ll say “Nothing” the first two times he asks, then tell him that, tell him he needs to ask you three times, because that’s just the way you are. But never say “nothing” and then explode a few minutes later.


2.Talk about your husband

A bad wife will talk about her husband, and not to him. It is your responsibility to communicate problems with your husband, instead of moaning and groaning about him with your girlfriends over a glass of wine. Often the things that are bothering you can easily be solved if you talk to him about it. Talking about your husband behind his back is disloyal. When you get married, your first loyalty is to your partner, not to your birth family or your social group.

3. Be a leader

A bad habit women in the new age has, is thinking that they should be the leader. A good wife will leave space for her husband to lead, and trust his capabilities. Though the husband should communicate his plans and actions with his wife, she has no obligations, and in fact, shouldn’t be the leader of the house. “The first many years of our marriage,” one wife said, “I would see what needed to be done and get frustrated that my husband would not take charge and get it done.” She went on to say that she’s changed by learning to wait on her husband’s leadership. “I really believe,” she says, “that our men don’t lead because we women are too quick to jump in and take care of it all.”


4. Nagging

You knew this one was coming. Nobody likes women nagging all the time and this nagging is such a dangerous quality. So women, be sensitive and sensible enough. No need to say more.


5. Say everything you’re thinking

When we’re angry or sad, we tend to vent on those feelings, brooding negative thoughts. And when the chance comes to talk to your husband or boyfriend, you explode, saying hurtful things that you’ll regret afterwards. So if you want to talk to your husband about something, be sure what it is you want to say. And make sure that you know why you want to say each of the things. Think of how it will help solve the problem, and how it will make the relationship stronger. You’ll see that you suddenly have a whole lot less to say. And always remain calm. Don’t shout at him. Ever.






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