The work-work-work-life balance


I’m a wife, employee, entrepreneur and blogger. This is my day:

5:40 am : Alarm goes off
5:45 am : I get up and make coffee for my husband and I.
5:50 am : Back in bed with my cuppa, replying to mails and making marketing posts that needs to go out in the am.
6:00 am : Get ready for work
7:00 am : Leave for work
7:20 am : Arrive at work
13:00 pm : Eat at my desk
16:30 pm : Leave work
17:00 pm : Start work (my own business venture)
19:30 pm : Finish work
19:35 pm : Start cooking and cleaning
20:00 pm : Eat
20:30 pm : Study
21:00 pm : Check mails and strategize coming day
21:30 pm : Bedtime routine
22:00 pm : Check social media, answer mails, do marketing
23:00 pm : Blog
00:00 am : Lights out

I also try squeezing some time some days to go to the gym, but I’m just so tired now and have neglected my fitness for a while now. Weekends I work from 07:00 to 16:00.


Why did I share my daily schedule with you?

My schedule is nothing compared to other entrepreneurs? So why do I feel busy?

I kept telling myself that at this stage I’m balancing my job, my own business venture and being a good wife, and even this is tough on me physically and psychologically.

I felt so sorry for myself, I was so tired and fatigued, I felt tired all the time, because I kept telling myself that I had to balance all these things. We don;t realize how powerful our minds are.

And then I realized.

It’s just in my mind. I’m not that busy, most evenings I try to go to bed early to get a well rested night, it’s just the past month and the coming few months that I’ll be this busy. And my schedule is nothing compared to my husband’s schedule, he gets up at 6:30 am and comes to bed some mornings at 04:00 am, working, programming and studying. And he never complains.

One thing I’m learning from this experience is that if you want to go out and start your own business, it will be tough, you’ll have long hours and long days. And you’ll be tired, especially if you have a day job too. You’ll do a lot of work for free, and a lot of extra things. You’ll waste your time on some things but learn a lot, and you’ll grow at an immense pace.

But I also learned that we tend to over dramatize things for ourselves, as soon as things get a little rough, or change comes, we feel sorry for ourselves, we tell ourselves that any person would be tired from doing what you’re doing, but if you really focus, and become self aware, you will most certainly realize that it isn’t that bad. Some evenings I go to bed at 21:00 and go to sleep, and not a lot of people get to do that. Some weekends I don’t work, and then I hang out with my friends and husband, and take walks on the farm and the beach. I’m blessed, and a busy schedule should not blind me from those blessings.


Everyday I’m further than I was. I love this. I love the grind. Despite the tears and sweat and bags under my eyes.

I have a loving husband, a growing business, an amazing job and a caring family. I couldn’t ask for more, so why do I find a way to feel sorry for myself? Why did I somehow find something to complain about in all of this?

So I urge you, I challenge you, and I challenge myself to ask: “If you only had the things today you said thank you for yesterday, how much would you have?”

Be grateful for your life and blessings. Be grateful for the support and the love and your beautiful mind. Be grateful that you have talents and passions, and be grateful that you have 24 hours in your day, just like everyone else, to do something amazing with those talents and passions. Your time is now. The time to be busy and work hard is now.

And it’s great!

To check out the business my husband and I are starting, go check out our website:


Take note: The website is still under construction.

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