Your ‘what to wear’ guide to weddings

It’s always difficult to dress for a wedding, because of certain rules and the dress code and theme they usually stipulate. So here are a few tips to what to wear to a wedding.

The simplest and most obvious rule to dressing for a wedding is: DON’T WEAR WHITE. This is considered disrespectful towards the bride.


The second rule, don’t wear the same colors as the bridesmaids (usually the color theme of the wedding) unless it is stipulated in the invitation.

The final (kind of) rule: Avoid black if possible, but this rule has faded in the recent years.

1. Beach weddings

At beach weddings it is usually a little more casual, and you have the opportunity to play around with colors, and different styles.

I would suggest a loose flowy dress that can play in the wind. I love this dress below, with the long sleeves to keep you warm in the wind, and the shortened dress, to avoid the sand. You can pair this dress with wedges or sandles, avoid stilettos.


Another option is a long casual dress, paired with sandles, it’s perfectly casual, but the arm piece jazzes it up to fit a wedding setting


With hair styling you can go with a loose braid, to keep it casual, but keep their hair out of your face.

2. Country Chic

This is a very popular theme at weddings these days. And it gives you the opportunity to dress a little different and express your personal style.

In this category I would suggest a funky crop top with a skirt, just don’t show too much skin (You get wedding crop top and Saturday night crop top – KNOW THE DIFFERENCE). You are never forced to wear just a dress.

In the image below you can see a stunning outfit, showing a little skin, but too much.


You can also rock a jumpsuit and pair it with nudes or wedges.


3. Semi Formal / Cocktail

This is a very popular theme at South African weddings.

The best is to get a knee-length dress and pair it with nice heels.

So your first option is an A-line dress if you’re looking for a more elegant look. Look for florals to brighten it up and stand out from the lot of black cocktail dresses that most ladies will be going for.


A second option is a more tight-fitting cocktail dress. If you’re going for the tighter dress, try to keep it below the knee, or just above, to keep it classy. Pair it with a sassy pair of heels or kitten heels, as they are coming back into style and they’re super comfy.


Your final option is a jumpsuit again, pair it with leather or butternut wedges to make it a little more formal.


4. Black tie

It’s always difficult to dress for a formal function, as you can easily feel overdressed or be under dressed. But the key is that you should rather be overdressed than under dressed.

This is a chance to dress up, so go for long dresses and heels. A loose bun, messy ponytail or flowy curls is a nice option for your hair to keep your outfit toned down.

Also, try to keep the dress plain, with little detail.


If you’re wearing black, try to break the black with a nude clutch and heels, or some jewelry. You don’t want them thinking you are mourning their wedding.


And that’s it! Let me know if this article was helpful, and if you’d like to see more of these.


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