How to get rich quick

You’re not. You never will.


To get rich, or rather wealthy, you will have to work. You will have to put in the hours and work.

So here’s how to get rich (I think), in the long run, and make it last, by starting your business.

1. Have an idea, a good one

Find what it is you love, that interests you, and makes you excited. It might be obvious, like baking or sewing, or little more subjective, like working with people, or the taste of food. And think about it, what you like about it, why you like it, how you can monetize it, why you want to work for it, what you don’t like about it.

2. Write a business plan

You don’t have to be a qualified business-like-ish-person-professional to write a business plan, just write down your game plan. Write the following things down: (I’ll use baking cake as a very simple example)

  • What it is you thought of at point 1 (Baking cake)
  • why other people would be interested in it (they have birthdays and like pretty cakes)
  • How you will help people with this product or service (They won’t have to do it their self)
  • A price indication (R 150 per cake)
  • Possible competition (Jades cakery downtown)
  • Target market (Mother’s with children aged 3 – 15)
  • Area (West Coast region)
  • And a timeline

In this timeline you need to say exactly what you’ll do and how you’ll do it. For example, 1 May, register the business, May 3, get a design team to design my logo and business cards. (To get in contact with a design team, you can contact Tweek, to do all your designing for you! See their Facebook page for more information. ( )

front of card tweek.jpg

3. Execute

You’re never going to be ready, you’re never going to get to the right time. You’re never going to have the exact right money at the exact right time, so start now. Now is the best time.

I always think of the quote:

“The best time was yesterday, the second best time is now.”

So take action, stay in contact with your design team, and make sure they deliver exactly what you want. Decide on the type of company you want to be, look at other businesses that is similar, and take from it what you like and don’t like, learn from their mistakes.


4. Keep going

Starting a business or venture or whatever it is that you will hustle, is hard. It will have ups and downs, and good days and bad days. You responsibility is to keep going, and not quit. If you truly believe in the product or service you are selling, then it has to work. If you get tired, rest, don’t quit. If you get sad, cheer up, don’t quit. If you go broke, get up and try again. This is a small sacrifice to get you the life you want. Depending on how badly you want it.

Remember: “Giving up on your goal is like slashing your other 3 tires, because you got one flat.”


So in conclusion, to start your business and start building wealth you will follow this short, in a nutshell, steps:

1: Choose your business

2. Write a business plan

3. Choose your audience

4. Choose your location

5. Identify competition

6. Finance your business

7. Register your business name

8. Register for taxes and permits f necessary

9. Design and web design of business – to create and establish a brand

10. Hustle


You’ll have to put in the hours, spending as much time as possible on your venture. This will be difficult if you do this part-time while you still have a day job. And it will be difficult when all your friends go away for the weekend, and you have to stay home because you have to work. But you will be far ahead, real soon, and that is how you get rich (kind of quick I guess).



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