Why everyone hates the new Insta icon


People absolutely hate change. If they did not conduct the change themselves (like a new haircut or moving to a new apartment), they hate it.

Instagram recently made a number of changes. The first change came when you had to turn on your notifications to ensure that certain posts showed up at the top, in other words, they changed the normal chronological order to some fancy new system. I can’t notice a difference yet in my feed to be honest. The second change came yesterday.


Instagram received a lot of negative comments regarding the change of the feed. And yesterday, it got worse. They changed the icon and they also changed they way the app looks. They simplified it. As a marketing enthusiast, I understand why they did it, why they made the change. They needed a milestone to signify the changes. For a long time Instagram functioned the same, months and months no change came. And then suddenly Snapchat showed up, and people were buzzing; and Instagram realized that they had to adapt to the change in the market, they had to lengthen their video time, they had to simplify the app, and ensure that users stayed interested.

People hate the new app. There’s already videos and memes going around joking about the hideous new icon. The icon isn’t that bad, but people hate change.


Here’s a few reasons why people hate change:

Loss of control:

Change interferes with autonomy and can make people feel that they’ve lost control over their territory. Once something changes you need to learn it anew, it’s someone else’s territory now, making you feel like you have lost control over a situation (we need to learn the new features of Instagram, or adapt to changes at work or home).

Past resentment:

The past keeps showing up, in the past a similar change occurred, and it might have ended terribly. The app Trendabl was my go-to app, and soon they made a major number of changes, resulting in me deleting the app and missing the old one terribly.

It was like Instagram (exactly the same), but focused on fashion and style only, and you could purchase the goods too, the best part was that you could select certain clothing items like shoes or hats and the feed would only show those things. But then they infiltrated it with senseless adds, and soon the app made no sense at all. And factors like that makes us resist change when similar things occur.


The infamous comfort zone:

It’s so comfortable when nothing changes. We can do and act out your life with our eyes closed, because you know it like the back of your hand. Now, suddenly you need to learn it all over again, and that takes you out of your comfort zone, and nobody likes that.


You’re not sure if this will work, or if you’ll get it right, or if you’ll like it. People often prefer to stay in terrible situations than to face the unknown. A friend of my brother absolutely hates his job, but he refuses to look for a new job, with terrible excuses of the scarcity of work, and other things, but it is clear that he doesn’t want the change, it’s more convenient to complain about the current situation, than to face the change.


Often change comes without us knowing before hand, Instagram didn’t let its users know that they would change the icon (maybe they did but a lot of us didn’t get the memo). And now people hate it. We are creatures of habit, and we hate something different, and so people avoid change for the sake of change.

Next time, Instagram should probably let its users know of the change that’s coming, and maybe break it into smaller changes, like the feed first, then the internal changes, and then eventually the icon, but in 2 or 3 phases. But that’s just my opinion.

We as humans, create routine, and hate it when people break it. But we need to realize, that the only constant thing in this life, is change.

So congratulations to Instagram’s new changes. I guess.


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