An Open letter to the girl no one likes


I don’t really know why life does what it does. Why humans like to talk about others when they have something negative to say, or some hot gossip. But they’re rarely interested in hearing about someone’s achievements.

I don’t know why everyone likes to talk about your failures, or feed in your rumors.

I’ve heard so many things about you, about how you are driven by attention, how you don’t mind tragedy in your family because of the spotlight you get. How you dress when you go to clubs or even weddings. And other things, worse things.


I’ve listened to these stories, and somehow I became used to it, somehow it became acceptable for me to listen to them, and sometimes I’d even add a rumor I heard too.

But I don’t know you, I know who you are, I know where you come from. We went to school together. But that’s pretty much all I know, and all I’m interested in knowing.

I have no idea what your talents are, what makes you excited or sad, I have no idea what your life dream is or what you’re passionate about.

And I have no idea if you know about all these rumors going around. Maybe you do, and it breaks your heart. Maybe they’re not rumors at all, and they’re completely true. But I don’t know you, I don’t know anything about your life to participate in talking about you.


I’ll admit that I’ve thought horrible things about people, about you, and I’m sure people people have thought and said horrible things about me too.

But to you. I want to sorry for helping spread a rumor I heard about you, just to participate in conversation, now in hindsight I realize how petty I was by doing something like that. So I’m sorry.

I don’t care whether it’s true or not. You can dress however you want, drink as much as you like, and do with guys whatever you wish. I don’t know you, and that makes it none of my business. And I’ll keep it that way.


Be whoever you wish to be, without minding people like me and the others that dared to talk about your actions.

All of us have been you, everyone has talked about us at some point, said something that’s true or not true, spread stories from one conversation to another. All of us have felt it, the disappointment, the hurt, the humor of seeing how creative people can get about your life.

So live your life darling, we can only judge when we’re perfect.

And none of us are.


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