10 things women wish men knew

Okay so I might be off with one or two of these, but I’m sure you can relate to a few of them. These are things that, through my life, I wished guys knew. Luckily I hit the jackpot with my husband, and that’s why I married him.

Often there’s a few things that we wish all men knew, but you don’t want to ask for it, because then it kind of just defeats the purpose.


1. Surprises

Every freaken girl loves a surprise, and those that say that they hate surprises usually are just trying to be different (sorry to the ladies that really hate it, I’m talking about the 99%-ers, like myself here.)

If it’s our anniversary, organize date night a night early, or wake me up with some tea. If it’s my birthday, ain’t nothing as special as your guy organizing a surprise party, it’s the kind of stuff you only see in movies. We love surprises. Phone me to ask how I’m doing today, just because, or hug me out of the blue. We, under no circumstances, expect you to spend a lot of money to make these surprises happen.


2. Be honest

This is probably the most cliché thing I could say, but we really wish you would know this by now. A girl is probably the most forgiving being there is, and also, the most nosy and best investigators there is. So always be honest, usually when we ask you about something, it’s because we already know the truth. We’re shady like that. So spare yourself the drama, and us, and just be honest. Always. Because we already know, or we’ll get that fuzzy feeling inside knowing something is up, and we’ll find out anyway.

3. When in doubt, Pinterest

Ever wished there was a book of how a woman’s mind work? Start a Pinterest account, follow your girl’s every move on it, and you’ll know exactly what she wants, how she wants it, why and when and whatever other question you might have. Pinterest is the answer. It’s the endless book of everything ideal we want.

4. Your looks DOES matter

Dammit man. We love you, but seriously, I love doughnuts too, and have no desire for you to look like one. We love every piece of you, but we take care of ourselves, and we expect the same thing in return. You can skip the gym sometimes, indulge in a cheat meal, and have your guilty cookie pleasures. But don’t let go. If you looked like an action figure when we started dating, I expect at least 70% of that to be maintained. Harsh, but true. Sorry.

And you can expect the exact same thing from us too. It’s only fair.

5. We’re more cliché than you think

We are hopeless romantics, we love it when you cook for us, we love things that come from the heart, like a lengthy message declaring your everlasting love. Or you just simply admitting you were wrong. We love movies and cuddles and staying in.  We love you, and adore you, and we would do anything for you. We’re hopeless like that.

6. Sex

Take it slow. We’re not Lana from Risky Business . Take your time, and don’t rush. Thank you.


7. We’re visual beings too

Jumping in bed with your Spongebob T-shirt, worn out boxers and bobby-socks with a hole in the toe is not attractive. Having bad breath, is not attractive, dirty hair is not attractive, stained shirts is not attractive, skin colored underwear is not attractive. All the things that count for us, count for you too, apart from lace underwear, shaved legs and lipstick.

No double standards here. Time and time again I’ve seen guys let go of their appearances after a view months of dating. It’s not fair, but it counts for both parties.

We like it when you dress up for date night, or take care of yourself. We like a neat guy, and we have no desire to date a slob. We’re not unrealistic, we want the same things you do.


8. We tell our girlfriends a lot

We have no idea what you tell your boys about us. But if we’re upset or hurt, or if you did something funny or sweet, we’re likely to tell our BFF. We don’t wash our dirty laundry over wine or tea, but we share. We share a little more than you think.

9. Help us and appreciate us

You are the man, and when we’re running around you; cleaning, cooking or doing chores, and you’re drinking a beer and watching House of Cards, you better pause your damn series and start helping. There’s nothing as unattractive and off-putting as a lazy guy. Just be involved, chat to us while we hang the washing, or thank us for what we’re doing, we love your appreciation.


10 Humor vs. humiliation

We love laughing, it’s one of the first traits a girl looks for in a guy, whether you can make her laugh. But there’s a thin and very serious line between humor and humiliating me. Under no circumstances is it okay to comment on my appearance in front of other people unless you compliment me. Do not bring up toilet humor unless we’re alone, and never ever call me out on something in front of your friends.


There’s a 100 other things we wish you knew. But for now, work on these 10 things, and you’ll already be on the winning side. Talk to us, and communicate things that you want us to know. We were created to support you and help you. We would love to know the 10 things you wish we knew.

Disclaimer: Again, my husband already knows all these things, I’m up front and a nuisance enough, so this is no surprise to him, and in no means a message to him. So please. Just don’t jump to your conclusions. 

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