25 things every woman should be able to do

It’s important for men to be able to make a fire, chop down a tree, build a wall, fix a broken car, pick up heavy things and handle a gun. The man’s body was designed to be able to do those things. And though a hipster boy can’t do much more than light his cigarette, much less light a fire, we have lost touch with what we as humans should be able to do, and it needs to change.

Women, we should be able to cook, get stains out of clothing, be able to sew, do gardening, and make any crying child calm. We are designed to do these things, yet we are able to differentiate between Mac Honey Love and Avon In the Ruff, but have no idea what saute means. But we are no longer forced to do our washing in the river, so there’s a few things that we should be able to do in the world we live in today.


 So here’s 25 basic things that every woman should be able to do before you’re 25:

  1. Spell properly, and no, LOL and OMG is not a word. 5163c1080429b62cf6c0b1bad5618734
  2. Be a good host. This is something I learnt from my mother, when you invite someone over for dinner, don’t expect them to bring anything, but tell them they can bring something to drink if they want, so they don’t have to show up empty-handed and feel awkward. If they’re sleeping over at your house, make sure they have clean sheets, a set of towels, and be sure to be awake before them, and prepare a decent breakfast. Leave your phone alone!
  3. Be a good guest! Never show up empty-handed, help clean up afterwards, if you’re sleeping over, make your bed, wake up early and don’t overstay your welcome.
  4. How to walk in heels. We’re not ostriches or Circus Poodles, we should be able to walk fluently and elegantly in heels.
  5. How to sew. If you have a small hole in your clothing, or a shirt is too big, you should be able to fix or alter it, at least by hand.
  6. Say no.
  7. DIY-ing. You should be able to make a few things yourself, and together with this goes repairs. You should be able to replace a plug, light bulb, drill a hole in a wall etc.
  8. Understand finances. You should know what’s going on in your bank account, how to invest, pay debt and buy stocks. Go to your local bank or Financial adviser to teach you the basics and give you more information on how this is done.
  9. Drive a motorcycle. You’ll possibly be faced with this at some stage in your life, so it would be best if you at least know how it works.
  10. Have a driver’s license. This kind of goes without saying in South Africa.
  11. Cut yourself off when you’ve had enough to drink.
  12. How to fold a fitted sheet. This home skill is what separates grown women from college freshman. It also keeps sheets flat and contained in the closet or drawer, and ultimately results in less-wrinkly sheets.1b6fd96e2d3baf98c442bd35cecbe907
  13. How to accept a compliment. A compliment is usually sincere, and whether it is or not, accept it and bask in the glorious darling that you are.
  14. Have a signature dish. Your contacts list may be filled with Domino’s pizza delivery or KFC’s number, but when you entertain or go visiting, it’s important to have one dish about which you can say, “It’s my go-to.” It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  15. Dress appropriately. Whatever the occasion, dress decently. Never. Ever. Wear sequence to your interview. Ever.
  16. Protect your cyber identity. Once it’s on the internet, it’s out there. Remember that anything you put on Internet, private or not, can ultimately be shared. “We all have a digital footprint, we saw this with the Sony breach, with Snapchat content not disappearing. Everything you send and do online lives somewhere. The bottom line: Update your privacy settings regularly, and make sure you trust everyone in your network.
  17. Outwit a man. Every woman should be able to do this. b8a31260deb4be26a1bac575d32616d6.jpg
  18. Take charge, whether it is to ask for a raise or to fire someone. You should be able to do it with dignity and strength.
  19. Dine alone
  20. Check your vehicle. Know what you are looking at when you open the bonnet. Check the water, oil and tires.
  21. How to have safe sex. Every girl should know the different types of contraception that’s available and the things that alters contraception. For example, if you use the contraceptive pill, antibiotics and certain illnesses might alter how effective it is. eaad92c6d438e445769abdfdc3948020
  22. Cook. These days it’s not a given anymore. But you should be able to cook at least 5 different meals that involves more than pasta and cheese.
  23. Bake.
  24. Walk away. Be it from a relationship, job, argument or anything that doesn’t feel right.
  25. And finally, advocate yourself. Don’t let anyone steamroll you into make a decision you don’t want to. Ask your doctor for a second opinion if you really think something is wrong. Ask man to move over so you can sit down.

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