9 things you’ll miss most about college

When I was student I was constantly stressed and not stressed at the same time, I’m sure other students will be able to relate. You will stress about a big test, but go for a beer anyway. Now that my student days are something of the past, there are 9 things that I miss the most. And here they are:

1. The junk food

When you’re a student, it’s completely acceptable to have McDonald’s for lunch. Everyday.


2. Sleepovers

You’re living on your own or with a funky roomie, so late night movies with wine and popcorn is a given.


3. Dressing up to go out with the girls

The going out for drinks was fun, but even more getting ready together, trying on outfits and helping each other with hair and make-up.


4. Your part time job

Yes you’ll miss it. It was probably a low-stress job (especially compared to your full time job you’ll get after studying) with flexible hours and short hair don’t care boss.


5. The “Stress”

Believe me, you’ll miss the kind of stress that goes with studying, because the flat spin panic that will hit you once you start working, is ten times worse.


6. Gaining knowledge daily

When you finish studying and start your full time job, it will be up to you to ensure that you learn new things daily, and this can become very challenging. Because working the whole day, and then studying in the evening or reading an insightful book instead of watching House of Cards, can be demanding. Especially if you’re the only one expecting it from yourself, with no one checking up on you.


7. Studying

You’ll miss the actual studying.


8. Festivals!

You’ll go to festivals less when you’re working. And you’ll miss it. Duh!


9. Free Money

When you’re student your family thinks that your finances are always tight. So birthdays, visits, Christmas or whatever other event, you’ll receive money. Now that you’re working, they’re expecting gifts, not giving them. So you’ll miss the few bucks your Grandpa use to stick in your pocket when Mom wasn’t looking.


You might or might not miss these things. But you’ll think about them one day, with a sense of nostalgia, wishing you appreciated it more when you had it.

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