DIY Bralettes 

I have to admit that I love lace bralettes, especially lately. But they can be unbelievably expensive. It’s like as I’m getting older I prefer comfort, and a bralette sure offers that. No under wire or tight padding, just soft lace. So here’s how I made my own one.

What you’ll need: 

A material scissor  
Lace (1.5 m) 

Elastic (2 m) 


Hooks and eyes 


Sewing machine 


Cut out your pattern (my pattern is quite small because I’ve got a small bust)

Place your patterns on your lace and cut two pieces of each pattern 

Leave extra space for sewing 

Sew the rounded sides together. Repeat with both pieces.

When sewing them together, use needles to make sure it doesn’t move while sewing. Remember to stretch as you sew, otherwise the thread will break when you wear it.

Measure the elastic, remember to stretch it quite a bit when measuring, as it should offer support in the end.

I added extra lace below the elastic, but this is optional. Again, stretch while you sew. I sewed the bottom piece first. Make sure it’s in the middle of the elastic. 

Now sew the bra cups to the elastic.

Pin it with needles again. You will cut the excess lace off afterwards.

Measure your shoulder straps, again make sure you stretch it quite a bit. I added extra lace to the straps, but this is also optional.

Sew the straps to the bra cup first, and then to the back of the bra.

(I didn’t do this very neatly)

Now add the hooks and eyes. By hand.

(I didn’t do this neatly either) 
And that’s it. I’m going to add a few more details to mine, like ribbon bows, but I don’t have ribbon at the moment.

Cut off loose strings and excess lace.

And that’s it! There’s your bralette. Mine cost a total of R 47.00! Way better than R600 at Lasenza.

Probably not the sort of bra you’re going to go jog in. But something nice for a weekend with your lover perhaps or a day at home.

This is a terrible photo as I still need to finish it off. But I’ll add the finished product to my Instagram!  (@everydayesti)

I’ll be doing a black bralette as well so I’ll post that one too!

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