An open letter to my best friend’s ex


Good day sir

If you’re reading this and wondering if this is for you. Yes it is.

I liked you, I liked the way you made her feel and act. She smiled and she was glowing. At first. And then came the doubt and tears. And I knew a lot more than you might think. Though we never really spoke, I knew all there was to know. The little things you did, the gestures of love and kindness. She believed you were the one, and I believed it with her.

But you changed, you didn’t do the little things anymore. You started rejecting her, fighting with her. You knew from the beginning that she isn’t easy, that she would get angry quickly and cry easily. And it didn’t bother you, but you used it against her, as an excuse.


So I’m writing you this letter to let you know that I am angry. You weren’t there at 02:00 in the morning when she crying. You didn’t see her fall apart slowly. She is stronger than any girl you will ever deserve, yet you managed to break that girl to the ground, and that girl is my best friend.

She cried for months. She cried when you moved on. I bet she still cries over you sometimes. Not because she misses you, but because she knows you never deserved her love in the first place.


I know you use to love her, but you broke her heart in a way that no heart deserves to be broken, and even though she has long since moved on, I will never truly forgive you. I will remember how it felt when her tears ran down my shoulder, her body shaking, and the words she spoke: “What did I do wrong? Why aren’t I good enough?”

I’ll never forget her recovery, how strong she is now. She’s no longer a girl. She’s a woman. She’s strong and powerful, and the woman she is today wouldn’t look in your direction twice. She has moved on to someone new. I found it hard to trust him because of you. But he loves her, and takes care of her, and he is lucky to have her, and he knows it.

She can be whoever she wants now, she can do anything and accomplish everything. So thank you, thank you for letting her go, because she wouldn’t be as strong and beautiful as she is now if you were still around.


I hope you will find someone that will love and care for you, and that you won’t break her down the same way you broke my best friend, but I know one thing, you will never find someone as precious as her again. She will always be the one that got away.

Your name no longer comes up in conversation, but I’ll always remember it, as a distant memory, a whisper, a forgotten turbulence in her life.

She’s my best friend, and unlike you, I mean it when I say that I’ll love her always.


Her best friend


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