When University is too expensive

A few solutions

tumblr_nslqvyGX2A1tjbp1uo1_500Well shit son, you finished school, now what?

You parents told you it’s too expensive for you to study, and they can’t afford it. And you have no idea what else to do, because you sure as hell don’t have the money either.

So here’s a few things you can do if you can’t afford the R 300 000 yearly cost of studying at a University.

1. Study FREE online

There are various websites online where you can study a number of different courses. The great thing about this is that it is often very niche courses. So you can find a course in a field of study that fits your interest exactly.

The website I recommend most would be Coursera. They offer free and paid courses, and it is offered by all the top Universities across the world, I have done various courses through them, that made my CV look great and taught me a whole lot about different things. The courses vary from 1 day to 1 year courses. I really recommend you go check it out.


Another option for South Africans, especially, would be INTEC College. I have not done a course through them myself, by they receive positive reviews, and although they offer paid courses, they are not expensive, and have a really wide variety of courses to choose from.


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b630f8109484c1b222cf2c6ba65c06f22. Work Abroad

I live in Langebaan, a small town on the Coast of South Africa, they offer a wide range of courses for young people to work on cruise ships and yachts, so around here, working abroad is very common.

You have a range of options, such as Au Pair in a different country. (A recommended agency would be HouseoOrange Au Pairs RSA — I know a few girls that worked through this agency that is very pleased with the course and business.)

There are a number of other Au Pair agencies available, and with proper research , you will find one that fits your needs and personality. This is quite a common career for young girls in South Africa.


You can also do sailing courses (though this can be costly sometimes).

Another option would be to teach English in other countries, most people work through TEFL. I have heard great things from people that have went, but i cant speak out of my own experience.


3. Online Presence

This might not generate an income at first, so you should probably find an alternative job to do at the same time. A great thing to consider is to create an online presence for yourself. This can be in any kind of way, start a blog, write on Medium, start a YouTube channel ,or whatever you fancy. Be sure to create valid content on topics that interest you, and that YOU like, otherwise your content will be shallow and boring.

For some people this can take up to 6 years to start generating an income, but if you have a talent and the will power, it will surely be worth the time and effort.

4. The infamous “Gap Year”

When I was in school I refused to take a gap year. It went against everything I believed in. And so I went to go study, I was privilege that my parents could afford it. But now that I am older I really see the worth of a gap year, and would actually recommend it, even to those considering full time studies at a University. If you have no idea what you want to do, seeing as you can’t afford to go to study, take a gap year, figure things out, make some cash.

But if you are going to do this, you need to be very disciplined. You will HAVE to work, any work. Save the money you are making (another factor that requires discipline) so you can save up to study or start a business or whatever.

With this savings you will surely be able to pay for a few subjects every semester in a field of study that interests you through UNISA.

This brings me to my final point.


The great thing about UNISA is that you can choose your subjects in your course as you go along, so it might take you 10 years to get a degree if you do the minimum, but you pay per subject, so you can save up and study as you save.

And BOOM. Bob’s your Uncle. 5 simple ways to study, or make a living when you can’t afford to go to university.

I hope this was a helpful article, feel free to give feedback and tell me of other tips that could be useful for readers.


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