Glitter, unicorns and designer lipstick

1-Ht3F0Azy4Vdbtu-cZkI8YAThere’s so much going on around feminism. Sometimes so much so that it has become a buzzword. A “most talked about topic”. And it’s all about gender equality, equal rights, women and strength.

But think about it. Think about gender equality in South Africa. Think of what it really means. No more discount on insurance, no more politeness, and no more being wooed by a man to win your heart.

I am all for equal rights, but only law-induced rights. We are queens, and I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my crown for a hardhat just yet.

Please don’t get me wrong. I do believe that 50% of the world needs to adjust so it can be more equal, probably more, but I do believe that women have it quite easy in this country, and I prefer it like that. I’m not speaking on behalf of women in religions and suppressed countries where they cannot speak or wear what they want. I’m speaking on behalf of South African women with no direct disadvantage to the gender inequality. We have the same rights as men, and no law stops me from doing what I please based on my gender.

I like it that a guy opens the door for me, or stands up in the bus so I have a place to sit. I like that a man is expected to woo me and that, frankly, I am treated like a fragile jewel.

I get the whole “Expected to wear makeup and shave my legs”-thing. But there is no law stating that you have to do it, so just don’t. The only people that will judge you, is likely to be other women. It’s time for us to stand together and really live up to the things we are fighting for. Men will soon follow, as they always do.

The world knows how strong we are, we know how strong we are, that we can endure more heartache, handle more stress and withstand the worst pain. We express ourselves, a sign of strength, we support our families emotionally, which is a lot harder to do than supporting them financially. We fought for voting rights, and got it, no violence was even needed.

I am happy with my life, I can vote, I can say what I want, do what I want. And I feel lucky to have to work hard to prove myself, instead of having it handed to me for free, and never really working for it. I will break through the glass ceiling without a superhero that saves my day. I’ll do it myself.

So today I challenge South African women to woo their men, and treat them like soft, fragile beings. I bet it will be tiring and a waste of our precious time, because we are too busy being queens and conquering the world in our own way. I don’t need #freetheboob campaigns to prove my worth.

I will never try to be equal to men, because I feel I have already far outweighed them in so many areas. They deserve to be alpha males. Besides, my husband and I are completely equal, he might be alpha male, but that places me no where beneath me, but next to him. Every king needs a queen.

I love being woman, we’ve got glitter, lipstick, unicorns, diamonds, pink Lamborghini’s and Handbags. Men are judged on these things way worse that we are judged on no-makeup selfies and jeans.

Ell Woods. Strong, independent, and sure as hell doesn’t need a man or equality to prove her worth.

On the other hand, viva Feminists to free the other suppressed women of the world, so they can have the life I have. I support you fully and I know you have a huge journey ahead of you to make the needed change. Just know, that somewhere in the world, there is a South African girl that is freed from inequality, and I’m living an amazing life, an equal and fair life. A life I want, a life that generations before me fought for.

We don’t have gender inequality in South Africa, only racial inequality, but that’s a discussion, debate and heartbreaking story for another day.

Until then, live life ladies, we get to be mermaids and ride unicorns, what more do we want.

Sincerely, a happy feminine young woman.

Please take note: This piece was written to shed a positive light on the success of feminism. It is not intended to offend anyone, neither male or female or any religion.

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