The good, the bad, the vulnerable

dWY9c0fWe are lucky. Lucky that vulnerability exists. Lucky that we are free to feel the vulnerability of unknown future and the uncertainty of decision making.

Vulnerability is the thing that keeps our reality in check, the thing that stops you from being rude to your colleague in front of the others. The thing that oh so often helps you to be a good person.

This morning when my husband was still fast asleep, I sat with my mildly cold coffee reading an article about the 81 most blogged about topics. The focus of the article was on what topics people love to read about. As I scrolled through the topics I realized something. The well-known quote “People are inherently bad” isn’t true, at least not anymore. These topics included headings like “How to be a real/true best friend”, “how to have a strong marriage”, “hamburgers”, “healthy eating habits”, “self-improvement” and so on.

None of these topics were focused on “How to be cruel to an animal” “How to start the third world war” or “How can I be a more terrible person”.

I take a sip of my, now cold, coffee. I pull my face at the gross powdery taste, and put it on the table next to my pet bunny that is still sleeping. I touch his soft ears, and he opens his eyes slightly and leopard crawls closer to me for warmth.

I gave a sigh of relief as the realization sunk in. We are exposed to the 2% of bad things that are happening in the world, but no one ever reports on all the amazing things that happens instead. You won’t read “2000 survived, just 1 injured at busy crossing”, instead the headline will read something like this: “Tragedy strikes again, second incident since 1940, 1 terribly injured after running across the busy and ruthless roads of Johannesburg”. And then everyone will jump onto the tragedy bandwagon and discuss the terrible news.

I truly believe that people want to be good, that most of our intentions are meant to have a positive outcome. Yes, there are few that just wanted to be bad people, but they form part of the 1%- ers.

Think about the amounts of times you gave money to a man on the street, felt bad when you swattered a fly or the amounts of times you have daydreamed about an animal cruelty free world. Or the times your heart ached when you read the news of people losing their homes in natural disasters or young people being jobless.

And now, think of the times you were happy when you read about the farm murders in South Africa, when you smiled as a car hit a small puppy running across the road, or when you laughed in a homeless mans face when he asked for something to eat. I’m pretty sure you can’t think of these moments in your life, I feel cruel just writing it down.

I love humans, and if you think of all the amazing thing the human race has accomplished we can embrace the warm feeling. People have created so many things to connect us more and more, they have created solutions to astronomical problems. And cures to incurable diseases.

I have read of young people creating solutions to clean the whole ocean, I have read of a veterinarian saving a young kittens life with heart surgery, I have read of charities feeding 1000’s of children, I have read of free medical help, free food, free education, free school books, free homes. People are good, and we can be proud to be a part of this world. One of us might not be able to make the needed change in this world, but if each one of us focus on the good in us, on being vulnerable, this unity will result in a good and caring human race, that looks after the world, instead of destroying it.

Embrace life. Embrace being good.

Sincerely, someone trying to be good.

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