An open letter to my boss – and yours

How many o_1a90173hf1ocd7gh9ejg6fcs7_newof us really take the time to show our appreciation for our boss. Like politics in South Africa, we are quick to criticize and judge, and rarely see the good they do. We tend to bemoan the circumstances at work. And shift the blame to whoever is at the top.

If you keep an eye on your boss, you will notice that their job description is often very vague. Because they assist all of us, in everything. They manage the business, do their work, and help you do yours. You can interrupt them at anytime with your problem, and they’ll stop what they’re doing to assist you. Well, that’s at least the case at the company I work at.

The majority of employees usually feel uncomfortable to tell their boss exactly how they feel, whether it is to show appreciation, or because they are unhappy with something. Nonetheless I have taken it upon myself to write a thank you letter to my boss, and I hope this letter will assist you in writing one to your boss one day.

But now, as I write this article, I focus on the boss that believed in me when he hired a young inexperienced girl to do a big job. A boss that has never treated me differently based on my age, experience (or lack thereof) or gender. A fair boss, and a boss that works the hardest out of all of us.

This is an appreciation letter to my boss — and yours.

Every morning as I sit in my office and watch your car pull into the parking, I ask myself, I wonder what you’re thinking about right now? The unhappy client that phoned in a frenzy, the work you did last night at 1 am when I was sleeping, or the ignorant employee that demands a raise and less working hours, the economic crisis of our country or the math test your little girl is writing today.

And then I ask myself, I wonder what it feels like to be you for a day, I’ll be too afraid to try it to be honest. As you walk into the office, already on your phone fixing the un-fixable messes of business, you sign the documents everyone is waving in front of you.

I am impressed by the fact that you gave up your corner office to sit among the team, to assist them in any way you can. I am impressed that you are working the hardest, and that you felt guilty when you joked about playing golf on a Friday morning. And yes, we all know that you would never do that, but totally deserve it.

You flip open your Mac and start working, and in between the endless phone calls, mails, paperwork and meetings you still find the time to to be fair, and decent. I am young and inexperienced, yet you treat me the same as the oldest, wisest employees. You are unprejudiced, an example, and a real leader.

As your employee that sits in her office day in and day out, I witness the business move, it moves forward with you pulling at the front, running around, and then pushing at the back. You offer assistance where ever you can, a rare act for a boss.

But now, as I write this letter, I want you to know that you need to stop. Stop for a minute and process this thank you.

Thank you for working long after I have went home, thank you for listening to the team ramble at meetings about lame ideas, and treating each idea fairly. Thank you for biting your lip when I did a terrible presentation at the management meeting. Thank you for showing interest in what I do, and jumping on board when I nagged for certain changes. Thank you for my office.

Thank you for paying me, and figuring out a way for me to bring value to the company. Thank you for all the value you bring to the company. Thank you for the hours you have traveled far and abroad for the business, while I was home on weekends. Thank you for thinking about work, when I wasn’t. And thank you for responding to my e-mails, all of them.

Thank you for building the company, and making it successful as long as you have, and allowing me to be a part of the team.

Thank you for all you do, but most of all, thank you for the example you set, and leading us, thank you for not being a boss, but an example, a mentor, a hero and a leader.

You are doing great.

And I just wanted to thank you.

Sincerely, a grateful employee

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